The Helaneh Design

The Helaneh Design of 1912


Sail Plan
The Sail Plan for Harrison Butler's Helaneh design of 1912

The Helaneh design in Perspective
   This design was Harrison Butler's entry for a competition organised by the German Cruising Association. It was first published in the July 1912 German Yachting magazine Die Yacht and a couple of months later in Yachting Monthly, where the design name is omitted and the boat referred to as a 17 ton Auxiliary Yawl. It was only when I managed to track down the original German article that I realised the design had the name "Helaneh".

Hull Form

   The design is of a relatively big boat, over 40 feet in length. The grace of the hull is emphasised by the lack of coach roof or dog house, both of which were considered inelegant in 1911. It is difficult to imagine this boat being built today without the extra space such superstructure gives to the accommodation. No boats have been built to this specific design, although the design is founded upon Claud Worth's famous boat, Maud. This came about because Harrison Butler drew many of the illustrations for Claud Worth's 1910 book, Yacht Cruising, included the design drawings of Maud.

Maud's Sail Plan
Maud's sail plan from Claud Worth's influential book Yacht Cruising.
This boat was designed by William Fife but Harrison Butler
drew the lines afresh for publication in Yacht Cruising.
If Maud's lines are compared with Harrison Butler's Helaneh design, above,
the similarities, acknowleged by HB, are very clear.

Helaneh Specifications
LOA : 41' 4"
LWL : 33' 0"
Beam : 11' 5"
Draught : 6' 0"
Displacement : 17 tons TM
Keel : Iron 4.9 tons
Sail Area : 86.58 square metres

Die Yacht 1912

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