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The boat that inspired Harrison Butler's Helaneh Design : Published 1912
Designed by William Fife  


The William Fife built Maud, photographed in 2006.
The dog house was not part of the original design.
Harrison Butler based his Helaneh design of 1912 heavily upon Maud.
He deepened the fore foot, and Maud's canoe stern
became more of a short counter with canoe sections.

The Boat That Links Harrison Butler with Claud Worth
Claud Worth's famous book Yacht Cruising was first published in 1910 and underwent several revisions as the author's experiences and adventures with various yachts unfolded over the following decades. The book was highly influential. As Harrison Butler had produced the various design drawings that it contained, his reputation was enhanced by Yacht Cruising's success. In particular he produced the book's design drawings for Maud, this boat actually designed by William Fife. Harrison Butler then made some minor alterations to produce his Helaneh Design of 1912, whilst fully acknowledging it was heavily based upon William Fife's design.
Maud herself is still going strong and was for sale in 2011 in Waitakere City, Auckland, New Zealand.
As they do not seem to be available on the internet, I've reproduced four very old photographs of Maud under sail from Yacht Cruising. The book also contains an account of Claud Worth's voyage in her, 'Cruise Round England', in 1908. By 1910 he had moved on to his next boat, Tern II.

Maud, Old Photographs
These old photographs of Maud are taken from
Claud Worth's book Yacht Cruising, 4th edition, 1948.
The photographs are possibly from c1908.

Maud Statistics
Built : 1899 by William Fife & Son at Fairlie.
LOA : 41' 9"
LWL : 34' 6"
Beam : 11' 4"
Draught : 6' 8"
Displacement : 21 tons TM
Lloyd's Register : N° 111211
Signal Letters : RGWB, MCCS

Maud Custodians & Home Ports
ITSS Macleod (?-1954-1956-?) Glasgow, Scotland
Lt-Col Cyril E Edwards DSO MC (?-1947-1951-?) Glasgow, Scotland
FAE Devenish (?-1946) Glasgow, Scotland
Air Commodore Basil A Playne RAF (1934-1939-?) Glasgow, Scotland
JM Shillington (1927-1933) Glasgow, Scotland
Dr John A Bower (?-1923-1926) Glasgow, Scotland
CD Marshall & CJ Harrison (?-1911-?) Glasgow, Scotland
CD Marshall & Claud Worth (1906-1908-?) Glasgow, Scotland

Maud Links
Harrison Butler's Helaneh design of 1912, based upon Maud 
   (This includes Maud's sail plan)

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