( ex Lalage )

An Invited Friend of the Harrison Butler Association
Designed by
Albert Strange 

Leona sailing past Phyllis as a part of the 125th Anniversary celebrations

Leona : Second Oldest Albert Strange Designed Boat Afloat
Leona, owned by Lodestar Books publisher Dick Wynne for two years, is coming up For Sale, Summer 2018. Dick had Leona transported overland to Woodbridge when he bought her and has since had her keel bolts replaced. “She awaits a new rudder tube and further minor work, all in hand, to get her sailing again”, writes Dick.
The reason for selling Leona is simply that Dick has bought another (more expensive) Albert Strange designed boat, Emerald. If you are interested in buying Leona ahead of her officially being placed on the market, drop Martin Hansen a line. Incidently, many members of the Harrison Butler Association will know Dick who often attends our AGM and who successfully brought to market, an enhanced, fifth edition, of Harrison Butler's classic book on yacht design, Cruising Yachts; Design and Performance.
The Humber Yawl Club Anniversary Celebrations, 2008 
(As reported at the time)
It is not everyday that a sailing club celebrates its 125th Anniversary but in 2008 The Humber Yawl Club did exactly that. John & Pat May, members of the Humber Fleet, took part in the celebration. They asked Christopher & Jane Bishop, past National Commodore, to join them.
The event started with a briefing at 8.00 am. There was going to be a sail past the Humber Sloop Phyllis, which was built in 1906 and is on the Historic Ships Register. The yachts assembled in a holding area until Phyllis was able to get into her position as she had to come out of the lock which was tide dependent. Soon she came into view and the sail past started. On Phyllis were the Lord Mayor of Hull and Admiral of the Humber, Cllr Elaine Garland together with the Humber Harbour Master, Captain Philip Cowing. They were joined by all the Past Club Captains able to be present with John May being the senior one as he was Captain in 1978-1980. They were also joined by the present Captain, Mrs Philomena Smith.
The Fleet was led by Leona, John and Pat May's boat, which is an Albert Strange yawl built in 1906 and carefully restored by John. Having led the sixty plus boats Leona then went to the back and brought up the rear of the Fleet, adding a new meaning to the phrase, the First and Last. This was followed by a champagne reception and lunch in the clubhouse and in the evening a ball was held to round off the celebrations.
A Mysterious Name Change
Between 1929 and 1931, Leona is in the Lloyd's Registers as a yacht about which little is known, owned by PE Nicholls, and called Lalage.


Leona Statistics
Built : 1906 by Bundock Bros, Leigh-on-Sea
LOA : 24' 6"
LWL : --' -"
Beam : 7' 5"
Draught : 3' 2" and 2' 5"
Displacement : 4 tons TM
Lloyd's Register : N° 123669
OGA Boat Number : 0793
Design N° 63

Leona Custodians & Home Ports 
Dick Wynne (2016-2018...) Woodbridge, Suffolk, England
John and Pat May (?-2008-2016) Brough, Yorkshire, England
JJ Clay (?-1993-?) East Coast, England
Name withheld by Lloyd's (1948-1950-?) London, England
Mrs R Evans (1939-1947) London, England
Exors of the late Major E Penn Curzon (1938) London, England
Major E Penn Curzon (?-1936-1937) London, England
JN Wise (1932-1934-?) London, England
PE Nicholls (1929-1931) Whitstable, Kent, England
PA Watkinson (?-1923-1928) London, England
W Fowkes (?-1911-?) London, England

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