Ganga Devi

An Invited Friend of the Harrison Butler Association
 Cyclone Design built in steel by Dutch Yard


Ganga Devi
Ganga Devi photographed in Grand Harbour, Valetta; the first port
of call after passage through the Suez Canal on her impressive voyage
from Hong Kong to the UK in 1961

The Cyclone Made Of Steel
Ganga Devi was built in the Netherlands before World War Two. She is built to Harrison Butler's Cyclone design, but in steel. This makes her a particularly interesting vessel. An article on how using steel instead of wood alters the design's balance, centre of effort, weight ratios, ballast and buoyancy would be most worthwhile.
Ganga Devi was shipped out to Hong Kong for use by Holland America Line employees. Alas, all the records of the shipping line and of Ganga Devi's time with the Royal Hong Kong Yacht Club were destroyed during the Japanese occupation of Hong Kong, 1942-1945. The HBA is looking into establishing which of the yards in the Netherlands built her.
In 1961 Captain John Alexander and Lt Adrian Corkill sailed Ganga Devi from Hong Kong to the UK. The photograph above shows her with a bowsprit added so that she could carry more sail in light weather. John is now a retired Major General, aged 83, with failing health, but has written up the story of his epic voyage, serialised in the HBA Journal in five parts.
Ganga Devi Lives On
Ganga Devi is still in commission, in Ireland. An account of some of her 'life' since the voyage from Hong Kong was published in the Summer 2018 edition of Cruising Yachts; By the Surgeon's Eye.

Ganga Devi Statistics
Built : 'Before WWII' in the Netherlands
LOA : 22' 0"
LWL : 18' 0"
Beam : 7' 0"
Draught : 4' 9"
Displacement : 4 tons TM

Ganga Devi Custodians & Home Ports 
Jonathan Harvey (2002-2019...) Castletownshend, Ireland
Martin Harvey (1998-2002) Tamar Valley, England
Unknown Owner(s)
Timothy Ingram (1976- about 1994) Plymouth, England
Martin Harvey (1972-1976) Hoe Lake, Plymouth, England
Capt JOC Alexander (1960-1961) Hong Kong => UK

Ganga Devi Links
• Ganga Devi's epic voyage, serialised in the HBA Journal:
   ° Part I ~ Preparations ~ Spring 2016
   ° Part II ~ Big Blow ~ Summer 2016
   ° Part III ~ Not A Drop To Drink ~ Autumn 2016
   ° Part IV ~ The Red Sea ~ New Year 2017
   ° Part V ~ Homeward Bound ~ Spring 2017 
• “Ganga Devi Lives On” in Crusing Yachts, Summer 2018 

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