Mary Gray

Zyklon (Z4 N°26) Design : Published 1937 


Mary Gray, a Zyklon class Harrison Butler yacht

Mary Gray : For Sale, July 2019
I have had the pleasure of stepping aboard Mary Gray five years ago when she was one of nine Harrison Butler boats that gathered on the Newtown River in July 2014. At that time Tom Riddell was her proud new owner and I had the pleasure of meeting him and his crew when they rafted up to my boat, Tramontana. Tom's now the HBA's Independent Examiner of Accounts.
I know very little of Mary Gray's history but do know that since March 2017, Mary Gray had a new custodian, Kenneth Findlay. He sailed her from Rhu marina on the Clyde. He's now put her up for sale; she appears to be in very good condition.

Mary Gray Statistics
Built : 1939 by Alfred Lockhart (Marine) Ltd, Brentford
LOA : 21' 9"
LWL : 19' 0"
Beam : 7' 2"
Draught : 4' 5"
Displacement : 4 tons TM
Signal Letters : 2CDK5
MMSI : 235071812

Mary Gray Custodians & Home Ports
Kenneth Findlay (2017-2019...) Rhu Marina, Clyde, Scotland
Tom Riddell (2013-2017) Lymington, Solent, England
Captain John & Jenny Evanson (~2000-2013)
Clive Brandon (2001-?)
Peter Chasteneuf (?-1992-?) 
Gordon & Jane Gray (Past owner)

Classic Boat Advert for Mary Gray, October 2012
Mary Gray being advertised for sale in Classic Boat magazine, October 2012

Mary Gray Links
Mary Gray on The Cover, HBA Journal N°72, Spring 2015
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Mary Gray For Sale, July 2019 on OGA website

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