(ex St Julian)

Zyklon (Z4 N°19) Design : Published 1937 



Marieux In The Med
Arthur Emslie has very kindly sent in a couple of photographs of Marieux along with some snippets of the boat's history (May 2017).
He writes; “I bought Marieux in 1980. She was moored in the river harbour of Irvine, Ayrshire, Scotland. I bought her from the 'head' of the local sea scouts. Marieux had been in Irvine, my home town, for a number of years. I sailed Marieux to Gibraltar and the Western Mediterranean. I then spent the best part of 10 years cruising and hanging out there. I was a deck mate in the Merchant Navy and had plenty of time to spend on board. Marieux came with a Stuart Turner hand cranked inboard. Once started the engine would run well until stopped, then would not start again for the rest of the day. I replaced the Stuart Turner with a new Volvo 2000 during a haul-out in Gibraltar. Alternator and electricity was a boon. I had a new set of sails made. I bought another yacht in 1987 and sold Marieux to Sebastian, a young French man who took Marieux to France as he enrolled in a school of shipwrights in Brittany. Marieux was in need of a replacement deck and this was done as a school project, the next year. I then lost track of Marieux, Sebastian married and his wife had a baby. I sailed to the Caribbean and have been cruising there since. [3 boats and 3 dogs later]”
Marieux was renamed St Julian sometime between 1951 and 1957 before reverting to her original name in 1960.


Marieux Statistics
Built : 1938 by Alfred Lockhart (Marine) Ltd
LOA : 21' 8"
LWL : 19' 0"
Beam : 7' 2"
Draught : 4' 0"
Displacement : 4 tons TM

Marieux Custodians & Home Ports
Sebastian (1987-?) Brittany, France
Arthur Emslie (1980-1987) Gibraltar & Western Mediterranean
JA Wood (1961-1963-?) Rhu
John F Webster TD (?-1957-1960) Gourock
J Yates (1951-?) Merseyside & North Wales
Smart (?-1951) Merseyside & North Wales

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