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Built by David Hillyard in 1939



Marieleen : High Five
Marieleen has benefitted from being owned for over a decade by a 'hands on' enthusiast, Tim Major, who tackled many maintenance jobs such as renewing the keel bolts in 2003. She was built on the eve of Second World War for a cavalry officer in the Royal Scots Greys, Major James Murray, who returned alive to sail her single-handed into the mine-infested Baltic in 1947. For some years she was owned by an adventurous and wealthy spinster, Mrs EF Parke. In more recent times she was cruised regularly about the Irish Sea by Tim Major before he sold her in 2012/2013.

Marieleen Statistics
Built : 1939 by David Hillyard at Littlehampton, England
LOA : 24' 6"
LWL : 23' 8"
Beam : 7' 6"
Draught : 4' 1"
Displacement : 5 tons TM
Lloyd's Register : N° 167760  
Signal Letters : MWCW

Marieleen Custodians & Home Ports
Tim Major (?-2000-2012-?) Preston, England
DA Roberts (?-1980-?) Boston, England
RC Greenslade (1977-1978-?) Milford Haven, Wales
RJM Evans (1973-1976) Pembroke, Wales
GGL Thomas (1972) Dale, Wales
WJ Barry (1971) Milford Haven, Wales
C Duncan Pomeroy (1952-1970) Milford Haven, Wales
Mrs EF Parke (?-1949-1951) Littlehampton, England
Major James Murray (1939-1947-?) Littlehampton, England

Marieleen Links
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