(ex Campari)

An Invited Friend of The Harrison Butler Association
Built by David Hillyard in 1964



Maffick : For Sale, Autumn 2016
I looked around Maffick in 2012. I'd decided that a Vertue was too small and this was the boat that confirmed to me that I was right to be looking in the 18 ton region. At this time, Maffick's owners had just arrived in Plymouth after an uncomfortable crossing from Vigo across Biscay. This was the last voyage of a journey that has seen them sail over 30,000 Nm from Russia to the Caribbean in the previous 12 years. She's still for sale with Wooden Ships which surprises me, as I thought she represented a lot of boat for a modest asking price.
Maffick was originally called Campari - the change on name took place sometime after 1980.


Maffick Statistics
Built : 1964 by David Hillyard at Littlehampton, England
LOA : 40' 0"
LWL : 36' 0"
Beam : 11' 7"
Draught : 5' 0"
Displacement : 18 tons TM
Lloyd's Register : N° 306627
Signal Letters : MZMS

Maffick Custodians & Home Ports
Roger & Diane Aps (?-2000-2016...) Plymouth
John Langham (?-1980-?) Salcombe

Maffick Links
Maffick For Sale with Woodenships, August 2016

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