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Built by David Hillyard in 1932



Gannet : Family Boat  
What I know about Gannet mostly comes from the HOA website where it is reported that she was last heard of in Portugal c2000 with plans to sail for South America. 
I've been able to contribute names of former owners, culled from Lloyd's Register of Yachts along with the fact that, originally called Chloe, in 1937 she became Gannet.

Gannet Statistics
Built : 1932 by David Hillyard at Littlehampton, England
LOA : 30' 6"
LWL : 27' 3"
Beam : 8' 1"
Draught : 4' 6"
Displacement : 8 tons TM  
Lloyd's Register : N° 163063

Gannet Custodians & Home Ports 
Chris Ashdown (1998-?) Lowestoft, England
Malcolm & Sophia Haas (1982-1998) Lowestoft, England
PF 'Jonnie' Johnson (1974-1982) Poole, England
AR Edwards (1973) Chichester, England
Lt Cdr AM Gray RNVR (1966-1972) Chichester, England
Brian Gavin (1965) Medway, England
Ronald W Upex (1964) Rochester, England
PA Warner (1959-1963) Littlehampton, England
Frank A Husbands (1956-1958) Littlehampton, England
Mrs & Lt Col Harold Wyllie (1952-1955) Littlehampton, England
NC Adams (1950-1951) Littlehampton, England
JKN Davis (1948-1949) Littlehampton, England
Eric Johnson (?-1947) Littlehampton, England
Eric CA Walker (?-1936-1939-?) Littlehampton, England
Leonard SB Hull (?-1934-?) Littlehampton, England

Gannet Links
Gannet on the HOA website

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